Thursday, 6 September 2012

Week 8. Odd Culture Wolf Gang Kill Them All

Celebrities have become a commodity. A resource that is promoted, advertised, invested in, and retailed. Hollywood will fund a film because 50 Cent is interested, rather than because the script is superb or Darren Aronofsky wishes to direct it. Producers are willing to pay Mr Cent 10 Million for his contribution because they know his involvement will return 20 million. Similarly, ghost writers will write songs for artists who are more attractive or marketable. Celebrities are nothing more than bank cheques to these media empires. Don’t get me wrong, there are celebrities who have earned there fame. Apart from being one half of the world’s most attractive couple, Brad Pitt has proven time and time again to be an extremely talented actor in such iconic roles as Tyler Durden and Jesse James.

Brad Pitt as Jesse James in 'The Assassination of Jesse
James by the coward Robert Ford ( )

Old media has crafted and perfected this art of manufacturing celebrities and frankly, why would they change anything about it? It works. Artists are sick of this fame train and that is why they have begun turning to the internet as a means of sharing their art. Perhaps the best example of this is the eccentric rapper, Tyler, the Creator, co-founder of OFWGKTA. Tyler has spent his entire short career doing it his own way. He releases his music online for free, he made his own record label instead of signing to one, He’s rude to paparazzi and jokes about suicide. Simply put, he is a PR nightmare. But his fans just love him all the more for it.

A .Gif taken from Tyler's music video, 'Yonkers' (


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