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Survivor Caramoan: Week 9 Power Rankings

Last week's rankings

Movers and Shakers:

+4 Eddie Fox
- 1 Malcolm Freberg
-3 Michael Snow

Player of the Week: Andrea Bhoelke

She's established herself as the leader of 'Stealth R Us' and the bond she's formed with Eddie turned out to be pivotal as it is effectively what saved her from going home tonight.

11. Michael Snow (Last Week: 8th)

I was a little disappointed with Michael to be honest. Based on the earlier episodes and his cast profile, I had a good feeling about Michael. He seemed very clever, observant and very likable, and I’ll even go as far as to say he reminded me of Richard Hatch. However, as the game progressed, we saw him fade a little into the background. The cogs were turning, he was aware of what was going on, but we never saw him step up and really try take any control. Michael was reasonably unfortunate to be sent packing this week. Due to idol fear, he was targeted simply because he was unlikely to be targeted.

10. Reynold Toepfer (Last Week: 10th)

Reynold is totally Malcolm’s bitch. Aside from that, he’s very screwed right now.
He’s a huge immunity threat, and he now has no idol. However, there are a number of factors that may save him for a short while. 1. He clearly has a knack for finding idols, and it’s more than likely that another will come into circulation now. 2. He has a very good chance of winning immunity. 3. His play at tribal makes him look gullible, malleable, and very loyal. These are all attributes that make him look much less threatening, and may keep the targeted off his back for a vote or two, but ultimately, no one wants to let this guy get close to the end because of his challenge prowess.

9. Phillip Shepard (Last Week: 9th)

It’s becoming more and more apparent every week that Phillip isn’t respected and is everyone’s goat. I hope that somewhere down the line, there’ll be unclear vote and the powers left in the game agree to get rid of their mutual pawn. Otherwise, it seems unlikely Phillip will be voted out at all.

8. Malcolm Freberg (Last Week: 7th)

I believe this week will be make-or-break for Malcolm. His play in tribal council (a Survivor first) leaves him in a very precarious position. He has the option of approaching the ‘Stealth R Us’ alliance and claiming he voted for Reynold because he thought that was their plan, and try save face with the team that holds the cards. However, this will more than likely only make him appear two faced and even less trustworthy. Furthermore, this will not bode well with his bros, Reynold and Eddie. One thing’s for sure, he’s safe for at least one more week since he still has his own idol. Other than that, the future doesn’t look too bright for Malcolm.

7. Eddie Fox (Last Week:11th)

Eddie made a huge blunder in confiding in Andrea. He effectively ended Michael’s game and most likely his own. However the flipside of this is that he has made himself a valuable ally in the eyes of Andrea, a very powerful player at this moment. It’s unlikely this will help him long term, but I suspect it may be enough to help him outlast the other remaining bros.

6. Sherri Beithman (Last Week: 6th)

At the moment, Sherri is playing a fantastic second place game. We saw her this week talking about Phllip being her Shamar (Even though Shamar was her Phillip) and while she would certainly beat Phillip in a final three, she needs to worry about who the other person she’ll be sitting next to is. There are no other goats to be found on this island, she needs to step up and prove that she’s worthy of everyone’s vote. While she has a lot of time to make some moves, at the moment, she’s not showing any signs of doing so.

5. Erik Reichenbach (Last Week: 5th)


4. Brenda Lowe (Last Week: 4th)

The girl wins immunity and we still hear nothing from her. The editing this season has possibly been the worst in Survivor history. We’ve seen Nicaragua, we know the wheels are turning, we know Brenda’s got something to say, and we want to hear it.

3. Dawn Meehan (Last Week: 3rd)

I’m starting to think Dawn’s game may be falling apart. As positive as it is for her that everyone feels they can trust her, now that the jury is forming, it is equally pejorative if she continues to screw over people after they’ve confided in her. It’s bizarre, but Dawn’s kind of a villain at this point. You can see this is really wearing on her as she’s on the verge of tears nearly every week. Dawn’s a very sensitive person and I don’t think she’s cut out for this approach to the game, though it isn’t a bad one at all. Almost every strategy can work in the game of Survivor, and that’s part of the magic of it. However, not every strategy will work for every player.

2. Andrea Boehlke (Last Week: 2nd)

This episode was a true eye opener in regards to Andrea. It became abundantly clear that she is the one leading ‘Stealth R Us’ when it comes to strategy. When Eddie told her she's being targeted her, she decided she wanted her group to make the safe vote and vote for Michael. Phillip, Cochran, and Dawn all stated they wanted to vote for Malcolm but nonetheless  they did what she said. She’s the one pulling the strings but unfortunately for her, it appears everyone is aware of this. Andrea should be concerned that this is the second time she’s nearly been voted out but if she makes it to the end, it all just makes for a better argument to the jury.

1. John Cochran (Last Week: 1st)

Another episode of Survivor, another few days of holiday for Cochran. Still nobody targets him and still everybody is getting along with him. We even saw the bros trying to recruit Cochran through macho comradery after they won their reward, though Cochran is anything but macho or a bro. What a bunch of numskulls.

Written by Robert Milner.

Credit: CBS

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